M2 Lasers takes a lot of pride in being able to supply the most reliable and capable laser machines available in Australia and NZ.  We also put a lot of emphasis on providing professional technical support, from the initial installation and onsite training to the ongoing support and maintenance.  We have installed over 300x laser machines in Australia and New Zealand in the past 15 years.  Below is some of the feedback we have received.  

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Tiffany & Co

“The products and pre and post sale service offered by M2 Lasers has been second to none. The dedication, follow up and flexibility shown by the M2 team to work around our operation was greatly appreciated and respected.”

Karl Kowalczyk - Tiffany & Co.

Tiffany & Co, Melbourne VIC
Chris Lewis

The quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten. This is a fantastic laser, fast and powerful; super clean welds; an incredible machine. Glad I didn't buy the Chinese version although its probably ok, providing you have a spare set of eyes  

Chris Lewis, Gladesville NSW
R.McMahon Watches

Our German Sirotech laser welder, able to do the finest welding to gold, or high power welds to titanium or aluminium. Not many watch repairers have this technology. This allows us to repair watch parts maintaining integrity of the piece and us to control the repair without out-sourcing.

R.McMahon Watches, Adelaide SA
Ben Wilden

The SL20 is a brilliant machine for my workshop it's compact but powerful with perfect accuracy. Using this new technology along with old school techniques opens up a world of possibilities when manufacturing and repairing jewellery. Neil's services are second to none and his patience in training allows for a fast learning curve.

Ben Wilden, Adelaide
Solid Gold Diamonds

Solid Golds new laser engraver allows them to engrave high quality hallmarks as well as any text and images on the inside and outside of bands.  Also with the unique features of the Fiberscan it is possible to create new deep engraved designs 360 degrees around the ring.

Peter Greene - Solid Gold Diamonds

Solid Gold Diamonds, Perth
Musson Jewellers

Musson Jewellers recently upgraded their LaserStar 7000 Series welder to the latest SL20 laser welder from Siro Lasertec Germany and are loving the extra precision!

Olivar Musson - Musson Jewellers

Musson Jewellers, Chatswood NSW
Larsen Jewellery

Larsen Jewellery have 2x SL20 laser welders from M2 Lasers.

Absolutely irreplaceable!!  Not only the laser itself but the support M2 Lasers gave.

Kevin Dibb - Larsen Jewellery

Larsen Jewellery, Sydney & Melbourne Workshops
Creation Jewellers

"It was an exciting week at Creations, we now have a laser welder. The laser welder is one of the most significant advances in many trades including jewellery. There's no limit to what we can achieve with this advanced piece of German technology. Come in and see it in action in our on-site workshop."

Ben Preston Black - Creations Jewellers

Creation Jewellers, Canberra, ACT
Harry Rose Jewellery

"I went with M2 Lasers because I wanted good after sales service, and I definitely received it, which is great"

Harry Rose - Harry Rose Jewellery

Harry Rose Jewellery, Canberra ACT
Art Engraver Australia

"M2 Lasers went above and beyond to install our laser, Neil stayed over an extra day to make sure it was setup as we wanted and then came back an additional day to give us extra training.  M2 Lasers has also helped us to quickly profit from our laser engraver by referring a number of jobs to us and quickly responding to all our questions.  We are very pleased with our decision to go with M2 Lasers and the Workstation Professional has allowed us to do some amazing engraving jobs for our clients".

Pietro Facchin

Art Engraver Australia, Sydney NSW
The Jewellers Workshop

"Introducing everyone to the new worker at the jewellers workshop.. SL20 Laser Welder from Siro Lasertec yes Germany.. We can now not just solder but with this great new toy fuse the metal back together.. Any man made metal ... micro spot welding down to 0.02mm its unbelievable..."

Florian Beck - The Jewellery Workshop

The Jewellers Workshop, Byron Bay
Michael's Showcase Jewellers

"I remember the day distinctly.  It was at the Sydney JAA fair in 2012.  I saw Neil Penman from M2 lasers.  Our eyes met across the crowded floor.  There was a spark... a laser spark.  I walked over, not expecting that this moment, this tender moment Neil and I shared, would change my life.  He sat me down and told me to ‘Put my hands into his Laser’ It was a titillating SL20.  At first I was a little apprehensive but Neil stayed close... real close, I remember that smell of his cologne.  He eased me into position where I made my first tentative weld.  Well from that moment on I knew, I had to have it, I made arrangements to have the SL20 trial. I had a special bench made for it next to my jewellers bench to keep it close to me.  Not long later a large box turned up.  It was my SL20. I was like a child on Christmas morning.  I was so excited I spilt some of my juice box all over me.  The day came and Neil flew into Mount Isa.  I sat at the airport and our eyes met.  We shook hands at first then smiled.  The training was clear and Neil’s voice was firm yet, it seemed to dance across the room.  Then came that time to bid Neil goodbye.  It was bitter sweet, we both knew he had to go but we both also realised, I had a new tool to practice with. Over the next few weeks I experimented with many different objects and positions till I found that sweet spot that got me the best results.  I must admit, I doubted the SL20 at first being so new to this kind of thing.  A virgin if you will. I was not going to let it beat me and I was practicing a lot. I had tender finger tips for a while but it was worth it.  Now I can thrust my hands in, get in position, get where I am going and pull my hands out with a happy sigh of relief.  No fluxing, no tarnishing.  It has been a couple of years now and I still catch Neil on the phone or email now and then... but we will always have Sydney...."

Michael Grimaldi - Michael's Showcase Jewellers

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Michael's Showcase Jewellers, Mt Isa QLD
Underwood Fine Jewellers

"Laser is most useful for re-tipping and locating parts (No more binding wire!).  Very happy with quality and service. Great to deal with".

Stuart Mclean - Underwoods Fine Jewellers

Underwood Fine Jewellers , Kawana QLD
AP Dental

"I was amazed by how much more power the SL50V3 had compared to my old Dentaurum desktop laser, makes welding a lot faster".

Tony Edwards - AP Dental

AP Dental, Hampton VIC
David Tait Orthodontics

The SL20 is an ideal laser welder for Ortho work, which requires precision and good Argon flow.

David Tait Orthodontics, Toowoomba
Bionics Institute Australia

“The Bionics Institute (of Australia) would like to acknowledge the excellent support, problem solving & prompt responses we received from Neil Penman & associates at M2 Laser. As a not-for- profit organisation, the ‘value for money’ we received is vitality important. The ALV laser welder is enabling the Bionics Institute to transform people’s lives directly through expanding our research & development of bionic devices.”

Rebecca Argent - Bionics Institute

Bionics Institute Australia, Melbourne
Xact Tooling Services

"We at Xact Tooling Services are extremely satisfied with the SL100 Laser welding machine we purchased from M2 Lasers. The overall quality of the machine build is to a very high standard and it functions perfectly on all work we have welded.  Neil has been very helpful in advising us and supplying the correct equipment and accessories to make our welding easier".  

Doug White - Xact Tooling

Xact Tooling Services, Auckland

RodeMic are using 2x ACI Laser GmbH Professional Setups to Laser Mark their Microphone products.  Each Laser setup can etch 3 microphones in one cycle around the circumference, which enables them to process large volumes of microphones in a day.  The laser setups have programmable XYZ motion axis and a fast Galvo head, which also makes it possible to engrave tapered microphones.

RodeMic, Silverwater NSW
The Master Welder

"I just wanted to thank M2 Lasers for the efficient way they organised the delivery and installation of our 200W Tool Alpha laser welder, and the professional training provided over 2 days.  We are very impressed by the speed and precision of the ALM laser welder and due to its mobile design we are now able to take the laser to our clients sites to repair their larger molds.   We did a lot of research into tool laser welders, and are very happy we decided on the Alpha Laser system from M2 Lasers".

Alex Hernady

The Master Welder, Wetherill Park NSW

Laserweld are using one of our 200W AL lasers with the programmable ALT500 table for providing a local tool and die repair service.  The laser welder is also equipped with an automatic wire feeder, which synchronizes with the laser welder.

Laserweld, NSW

UNSW GMBE have 3x ACI Laser Marking Systems which they have used to assist in the amazing work they are doing on a  Bionic Eye.  The work is being lead by Prof Gregg Jørgen Suaning.